If you are a US citizen and your child is born outside USA, you will need to report your child’s US citizenship through CRBA.

Guide on How to Apply for CRBA

  1. Print, complete and sign the CRBA Checklist.

  2. Fill out completely the CRBA Application Form, DS-2029

  3. If the US citizen parent is not present or parents are not married, the US citizen parent should complete Form DS-5507 - Affidavit of Parentage, Physical Presence and Support

  4. If you want to apply for US passport for your child, fill out Form DS-11, Passport Application

  5. If only one parent will be appearing for the interview, the absent parent needs to complete Statement of Consent, DS-3053

  6. 2”x2” photos with white background
    • three (3) identical copies for the child
    • two (2) each for the parents

  7. Gather documents. Bring the original and one photocopy

    1. Child’s NSO Birth Certificate

    2. Proof of Citizenship of Parent - current and expired US passport and photocopy of all pages.

      You can send a notarized copy of the US passport in lieu of the original.

      If US citizen parent was naturalized, bring original Certificate of Naturalization.

    3. Identification document of non-US citizen parent
      • passport and any two (2) government-issued ID (SSS, PRC, BIR, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID)

    4. Evidence of Physical Presence/Residence in US

    5. The US citizen parent must provide proof that the he/she is living in US before the child was born. Some examples of proofs are:
      • Income tax return
      • W2s
      • Old passports
      • Military Statement Service or DD-214 (for military members)

    6. Parents’ marriage certificate, if applicable
      If parents are married in the Philippines, please provide NSO marriage certificate.

    7. Divorce, annulment decrees or death certificate, if any of the parent was previously married.

    8. Growing up photos from birth of the child.

    9. Prenatal records and/or other evidence of mother’s pregnancy.

    10. Evidence that couple lived in the same location at the time of conception.
      This can be shown by stamps in the passport(s)

    11. Evidence of couple’s relationship prior to conception of the child

    Note: Do not get DNA test yet unless the US Embassy requested for it. They have accredited DNA testing centers. They will not accept 3rd party DNA test results.

    Next Steps

    Gather all the photocopies of the completed forms and documents and send to the address below. Do not send any original document.

    Citizenship and Passport Unit
    American Citizens Services, Consular Section
    U.S. Embassy
    1201 Roxas Boulevard, 0930 Manila

    It is recommended to send the packet through a courier service where you can track your package.

    Once the packet is received, you will receive an e-mail of the date and time of the appointment or any missing document.

    Bring all original documents on the appointment and all application fees.


    CRBA Fee - $100.00

    15 years and under - $ 105.00
    16 years and over - $ 135.00

    Courier Fee - depending on the delivery address