After you become a naturalized US citizen, you can re-acquire your Filipino citizenship and become a dual citizen. You can have the best of both worlds!

You can reacquire your Filipino citizenship at the nearest Philippine Embassy/Consulate if you are in US or at the Bureau of Immigration in Manila, Philippines.

Guide on Filing for Dual Citizenship

Each consulate requires different number of copies of each document. Please check the full requirement list for each Embassy/Consulate. The basic requirements are listed below:

  1. One original and one photocopy of the Dual Citizenship Application Form

  2. Copy of the NSO Birth Certificate

  3. Copy of Philippine and US Passports

  4. Copy of marriage certificate for married women

  5. Copy of divorce decree or annulment documents for former Filipinos who had previous marriage(s)

  6. Copy of US Naturalization Certificate

  7. 2”x2” colored photos

  8. Processing fee of $50.00 payable in cash or money order. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.

Dual Citizenship Application Forms and List of Requirements

Some of the consulates have different forms and requirements for Dual Citizenship Application. You can check the full requirements and download the specific form for your consulate/embassy for your home state below:

Where To File

Addresses of Philippine Embassy/Consulates