Applying for a marriage license is different in each state, city or county. You need to do your own research and find out the requirements in your area. Some states require a few days of waiting period between the marriage license application and the marriage ceremony itself. You need to plan accordingly especially if you want to get married on a specific date.

Wedding preparation depends on what kind of wedding you want. Most couples who did the Fiance(e) Visa petition just do a simple courthouse wedding and then plan a bigger wedding later in their relationship.

Church weddings here in USA have a lot of requirements, depending on the church you chose. So make sure you have enough time especially to those who came with K1 visa, who are required to marry within ninety (90) days of arrival in US. Make sure you have original documents of your baptismal and confirmation certificates.

If you want to do a little celebration, you can plan everything on your own by doing a lot of research in your area.


You can have it at your home, at your relative’s home, at a resort, hotel or club house. Costs will vary.

Marriage Officiant

A Wedding Officiating Officer usually charges about $200 to $500. You can discuss beforehand how the ceremony will be.


You can either cook all the food or have it catered or just even make a reservatin in a restaurant. It depends on how many guests you are planning to invite.

Bridal and Entourage Gowns

You can look around in your area if they have decently priced wedding gowns. Another alternative is eBay ( A lot of vendors there can make custom-made gowns for you.

Hair and Make-Up

Hair and Make-Up usually costs about $100-$200 for the bride and about $50-$100 per person for the entourage.

Groom & Groomsmen Outfit

You can choose to rent tuxedo or coat in a local rental shop to minimize cost.


Look for a local florist who can help you with flowers.


Look for a local photographer that you can hire. You do not need to hire a photographer for the whole day. You can choose to hire a photographer for an hour or two. Then your friends and relatives can shoot the reception pictures on your own. This will save you a lot of money. A typical photographer costs about $300 per hour.


Wait for a sale on your favorite jewelry store to buy wedding rings. Stores here in America always have some type of sale going on.

Wedding Invitations

There are a lot of free downloadable wedding invites online. You can make your own, all you need is a printer.

Party Favors

You buy party favor bags or boxes in craft stores like Jo-Ann or Michaels then fill them with chocolates, Jordan almonds or candies of your choice.