As you are preparing to travel to USA, here are some things you might consider taking with you:

  1. Few extra copies of NSO birth certificates
  2. Few extra copies of NSO marriage certificate (if any)
  3. If you are planning to work in America, bring the following:
    • Original diploma & transcript of records from high school (with English translation)
    • Original diploma & transcript of records from college (if any, with English translation)
    • Employment letters or letters of references from previous employers with length of tenure and position. This will be helpful later for companies to check your employment history.
  4. Few months supply of prescription medicine (if any). You will have to check the pharmacy in the US if they can refill your prescription or if you need to get a new prescription from an American doctor.
  5. Few months supply of beauty/health products you are accustomed of using. You will need to find new products in US. It will not be practical to keep on using products that are not readily available in US because you will find out that everything is more expensive in US.
  6. Filipino foods that you think you will miss. Some allowed foods on the plane are:
    Dried noodles (pancit canton, sotanghon, etc).
    Instant noodles like Maggie or Payless are not allowed because they contain meat and veggie seasonings inside.
    Seasonings like Magic Sarap are not allowed in some airports.
  7. Pasalubong for your family and friends in US! :)