Here are some suggestions on what to do while waiting for the petition approval:

  1. If you haven’t driven a car in your life and you think you will need to drive in US, it is highly recommended to learn the basics of driving in the Philippines. It is a lot cheaper and you will be more comfortable learning from a local driving instructor speaking Filipino/Tagalog or your dialect.

    If you are already comfortable in driving a car, you can start studying the driver’s manual from the state you are going to move to. The driver’s manual are easily downloadable from the internet. Each state has its own set of road rules that you need to follow.

  2. Research on the state, city or county you are going to move to. So you will have an idea on what to expect when you get there. Some people are shocked to move to the countryside when they were used to living in the city. Please do your own research. Not all places in America are like the ones you see in movies.

  3. If you plan to send money to your family, it is best to set up bank accounts before you leave so it will be easier for you to send money to the Philippines. Also, if you have outstanding loans from banks or SSS, inquire on different options to pay your loan once you are in US. Make sure you pay your debts, otherwise, it will just increase through time in interest.

    There are different ways to send money to the Philippines. Some suggestions can be found HERE.

  4. If you plan to work in US, make sure you have original documents of all your educational credentials - diplomas, transcript of records and other certifications. Both for high school and college. You never know when you might need them. If the documents are in Filipino, make sure to get a copy in English translation.