As soon as you receive the MNL Case Number from NVC, you can now pay for the visa fee and schedule your interview. You do not need to wait for mail from the US Embassy to do this. Sometimes they do not send letters to beneficiaries, you need to be proactive to make the process go faster.

  1. Print the $265.00, US Visa Application Payment Slip.
  2. Bring Visa Receipt and Passport to any BPI Branch and pay the visa fee in its current Peso equivalent.
  3. After paying the visa fee, you can now schedule your interview. There are two (2) ways to do this:
    • Online
    • Phone - (632) 976-8500, (632) 976-8501 or (632) 976-8502
  4. Fill out completely the DS-160 Form, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application
    You do not need to finish the I-160 form in one sitting. You can save it and finish it at a later time. Just make sure to finish the form before the interview. Double check all information.