There are different ways to send money to your family and friends in the Philippines.

  1. Ria - has the highest exchange rate so far. Transfer fee is $3.00 when you use a bank account to transfer, $4.00 for debit card and $6.00 for credit card.

  2. Remitly - has the second best exchange rate. $3.99 transfer fee for rush transactions. If you are not in a hurry, you can send for free but it will take three (3) business days for the money to be transferred.

    Current promo for new customers, you will receive $30 Gift Card on your first transaction of $100 or more...

  3. Xoom - $4.99 transfer fee when you use a bank account. $5.99 transfer fee for debit/credit card. For new customers you will receive a $25 Gift Card on your first transaction of $100 or more.

  4. Western Union - $5.00 transfer fee when you use credit or debit card. No fee when you use WU Pay or through bank account but it will take 5 to 6 days to process.

  5. Paypal - the transfer fee depends on how much you are sending. It’s $0.25 for every $50 you send. So transfer fee is $1.00 when you send $200.00 to your family or friends.

  6. Bank to Bank Transfer - About $20 wire transfer fee, depending on your bank.