There is a letter that the US Embassy usually sends to immigrant visa beneficiaries on the requirements for the interview. You can download the letter HERE

  1. Prepare All ORIGINAL Documents

    1. Valid Passport
    2. Three (3) identical 2"x2" photos with white background
    3. Printed Confirmation Page of Form DS-260, Immigrant Visa Electronic Application
    4. NSO Birth Certificate
    5. NSO Marriage Certificate
    6. NSO Certificate of Marriage Record (CEMAR)
    7. NBI Clearance

    8. Police Clearance from Other Countries (for those who worked or lived in another country for more than six (6) months)
    9. Evidences of a Genuine Marrage
      • Pictures together (You do not need to put the pictures in an album. You will be interviewed through a window with small hole for documents)
      • Chat/Call/E-mail Logs (few pages from different months is fine)
      • Plane tickets, boarding passes, hotel reservations for visits or vacations taken together
      • Bank or Remittance Records, if any
    10. Proof of Termination of a Prior Marrage, if any
      • Divorce Decree
      • Annulment Papers
      • Death Certificate
    11. Duly completed and signed Form I-864, Affidavit of Support by petitioner and supporting documents
      • Income tax returns for the last three (3) years - Form 1040 or Tax Transcripts
      • W2's for the last three (3) years
      • Recent pay stubs - at least three (3) months
      • Employment letter - with position, tenure and salary
    12. Completed Medical Exam - most of the time, St. Lukes forwards the medical exam results directly to the US Embassy

  2. Dress appropriately

  3. You can wear business casual attire or even a nice pair of jeans with a collared shirt. Dress comfortably because you will wait for hours at the US Embassy. Also bring a light jacket or sweater because it is cold inside the embassy.

  4. Be On Time

  5. The line outside the US Embassy starts at around 5:00AM. Gates open at around 7:00AM. You will get a number as soon as you enter the Embassy, so the earlier you are, the earlier you will be able to finish.

  6. Be Yourself

  7. The interview will only be about you and your fiance(e). Be truthful about the facts on how you met and the dates you saw each other.

  8. Other Tips

  9. Do not bring any type of electronics in the US Embassy. Leave phones in your car or at home. Even flash drives are being confiscated inside when you go through the metal detector. There are some people who are standing by the premises of the US Embassy gates that you can leave your phones with for about Php300 to Php500 fee.