Visa Type: B1/B2

Applicants for tourist visa must apply on their own merit. Invitation letters and financial support from relatives or friends are of little value in the application.

Steps on Applying for a Tourist Visa:

  1. Print the $160.00, US Visa Application Payment Slip and pay the visa fee. There are three (3) ways to do this:

    1. Through any BPI Bank Branch - Bring passport and payment slip to any BPI branch

    2. Through online bill payment option provided by BPI for their customers

    3. Online payment through Bancnet

  2. Fill out completely the DS-160 Form, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application
    You do not need to finish the DS-160 form in one sitting. You can save it and finish it at a later time. DOUBLE CHECK ALL INFORMATION.

  3. If you were not able to upload a photo on the DS-160 form, bring copies of the picture on the interview date.

  4. Set up an interview appointment. There are two (2) ways to do this:

    1. Online

    2. Phone - (02) 976-8500 to 02

  5. Go to the interview date.

Requirements for Tourist Visa Interview:

  1. Passport - must be valid for at least 6 months within the travel date

  2. Printed Appointment Confirmation Letter

  3. Printed DS-160 Form

  4. 2"x2" colored picture with white background.

  5. Original NSO birth certificate

  6. Original NBI clearance

  7. Evidences of ties and financial status of the applicant
    • Bank certificate - with date when the bank account was opened, average monthly balance and current total balance
    • Employment certificate - with position, tenure and salary
    • Title of properties
    • Other financial documents

Tourist Visa Tips:

  • It is best to be at the US Embassy at least one (1) hour before the scheduled time.

  • Do not bring any electronics at the interview. No cellphones, cameras or even flash drives. Make sure to check your bag before going to the interview. You will go through a metal detector.

  • Be yourself and answer all questions truthfully. Never lie on the interview. The US embassy has already done the background check before your interview.

  • Parents of GC holders or US citizens, especially those who are of senior citizen age, are usually given tourist visas. The US embassy is very lenient with them because they know that there is a low possibility that they will be illegal immigrants in the US.

  • If you are within the working age group (18-45), the US embassy immediately assumes that you are planning to become an illegal immigrant so you have to prove otherwise.

  • For those who are traveling to US for business, seminars or special events, bring supporting documents.

  • A solid and stable work history is very helpful.

  • Having a good travel history outside the country, especially to other first world countries like Japan, Australia, Taiwan, etc. will likely help you get a US tourist visa because you already established that you do not plan to stay and work in another country and plus, it shows that you can afford to travel.